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This program supports fellowships and associated training that enable graduate students and advanced undergraduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to serve in K-12 schools as resources knowledgeable about both the content and applications of these disciplines. Academic institutions apply for awards to support fellowship activities. At WWU each graduate student Fellow will receive full tuition and a $30,000 stipend for one year of their Masters graduate program in Biology, Chemistry, or Geology. Institutions are also responsible for: 1) selecting Fellows; 2) partnering with school districts for placement of Fellows in schools; 3) providing appropriate training for Fellows, and 4) designing and implementing an effective mechanism for documenting the outcomes of the project. The Fellows serve as resources for teachers in science and mathematics instruction. Expected outcomes include improved communication and teaching skills for the Fellows, enriched learning by K-12 students, professional development opportunities for GK-12 Teachers, and strong partnerships between institutions of higher education and local school districts.

The vision of Catalysts for Reform is to apply the strengths of Fellow-Teacher-Faculty partnerships to improve learning in middle school science among diverse student populations. The project unites Western Washington University (WWU) science faculty and GK-12 Fellows with the middle school teachers of four neighboring school districts: Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Nooksack Valley and the Lummi Tribal School.

The goals of Catalysts for Reform strongly complement the vision of the North Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership (NCOSP), an NSF Math and Science Partnership program. The involvement of science graduate students adds a vital component to the large-scale professional development initiative of NCOSP.

The major goals of the “Catalysts for Reform” GK-12 project are to:

  1. Improve the teaching and communication skills of WWU science graduate students.
  2. Enhance the science learning experiences of middle school students.
  3. Strengthen partnerships between WWU and the GK-12 districts.
  4. Contribute evidence-based outcomes to the learning and teaching knowledge base.
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