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Frequently Asked Questions
How much time commitment is expected of the GK-12 Grad Fellows during the school year?
NSF defines this for us- 15-20 hrs/week (equivalent to a TA at WWU). Not all of this time needs to be in the middle school classroom. It can include planning time and meetings with partner teachers.
How much time commitment is expected of the Fellows in the summer?
It is a 12 month fellowship, so we are expecting the Fellows to participate in a few (~3-4) weeks of summer workshops that will prepare them for working with the middle school teachers. For 2004, the first institute is scheduled for July 19-30. We also expect that the Fellows will begin in the middle schools when the middle schools begin (which, for 2004, is September 8) and continue until the K-12 school year ends (which, for 2005 is June 22).
Are undergraduate transcripts required for applicants who are already enrolled in a WWU science graduate program?
Though not required, it wouldn’t hurt to include undergrad transcripts (we'll have them for the "new" applicants) in addition to your WWU transcript. You might also want to provide your grad advisor copies of your TA evaluations so he/she can cite them in the recommendation letter.
Is there a minimum credit requirement for students to be involved in the GK-12 fellowship?
In other words, does a student have to be full-time (and does that mean 8 credits or 10?) We will use the same requirement as the TA’s: 8 credit minimum.
What does the fellowship stipend do to a student's financial aid status for the following year?
The impact on financial aid will vary from student to student depending on their circumstances. The taxability of the stipend will also vary. WWU recommends that each Fellow consult with his/her tax advisor about this.
How will the Fellows be paired with the middle school teachers?
Before the summer institute the participating middle schools will submit a need assessment based on the curricula they are using and their staffing.

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